Hack #1: Hone your tone

Developing a consistent brand voice can be tricky, but ChatGPT can help.

Paste text from promotional material into the chat window and let ChatGPT analyze its tone. Want to jazz it up? Suggest adjectives to refine the tone and/or experiment with different tones until you find a match that clicks. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use ChatGPT to find your brand voice.

Hack #2: Overcome writers block

Feeling stuck on a word, phrase, or sentence? Don’t stress. Just pop in a variable like ‘X’ and ask ChatGPT to fill in the blanks. It’s an easy way to break through writer’s block and get your creative juices flowing.

Hack #3: Generate copy/content

Want a first draft in minutes? Enter a descriptive prompt such as “give me 10 options for a 10-word clever headline for a blog post about [insert topic].”

Need a blog post to go with that headline? It can write that too! ChatGPT generates first drafts that sparkle…but only if your prompt’s got the magic. Be specific!

Need help with prompts? Check out these 6 prompts for product launches and our founder’s LinkedIn post about prompts to save 20 hours per PR campaign.

Hack #4: Transform text

Drop text into the ChatGPT chat window to ask for a summary of key points, generate talking points for presentations, condense copy to a specific word count (e.g. meta descriptions for websites), or elongate copy using key words for SEO.

Hack #5: Translate text

2 to 3 times more words can be entered into ChatGPT’s chat window vs. the free version of Google Translate, making it ideal for translating documents like press releases and website copy into local languages for affiliate use.

With that said, DeepL is a more accure translator. More on AI translators here.

Hack #6: Simplify the complex

Got a scientific or technical paper that’s full of jargon? Ask ChatGPT to explain it to you in language you can understand and within a specific word count. Just be aware you can’t paste more than 3000 words at a time. While ChatGPT doesn’t have a limit, its chat window does.

Hack #7: Get another perspective

Ask ChatGPT to play devil’s advocate or mine it for ideas to improve your work. ChatGPT can also be used to debate both sides of a topic to help develop more complete FAQs and objection handlers for sales reps.


Published 25 April 2023; updated 1 November 2023.