After “How to Succeed in a PR Agency: Real Talk to Grow Your Career & Become Indispensable” hit the proverbial bookshelves, PR Moment asked me to provide my top career tip which is:

Above all, be reliable

At a PR agency, serving many masters (clients, bosses, team) leads to a daily juggling act of requests changing in priority by the hour. Against this high-energy and chaotic backdrop, the best way to standout is to be reliable 99.9% of the time and consistently deliver high-quality work no matter the circumstance (as there will always be hurdles).

Harvard Business Review’s 10-year study that analysed 2,000 CEO leadership assessments identified four key behaviours for success of which delivering reliably was the most important. The most reliable CEOs were twice as likely to land such a role in the first place and 15 times more likely to succeed in it. Take note PR pros, whilst you may not be an executive now, following through on your commitments big and small will build a sterling reputation amongst your many masters, who may have influence over that next promotion.

Whilst delivering reliably gets you in the game, delivering quality wins it. Thoughtful counsel and pristine, thorough work will contribute to building client trust and organic account growth, bolstering team morale. A happy team, with happy clients and growing revenues, will encourage your boss to sing your praises and advocate to advance your career.

This advice is in good company with pearls of wisdom from Ketchum London, Milk & Honey PR, and CandidSky. Read the full article on PRMoment.