If you’re feeling tongue-tied trying to nail down your brand’s voice or find it challenging to write in a consistent tone; you’re not alone. Fortunately, our new AI bestie, ChatGPT can help in 4 super easy steps.

Step 1: Provide copy to analyze

The first step is to dump your brand’s existing copy, such as website copy, social media posts, and/or text from PR/marketing materials into ChatGPT’s window. This will give ChatGPT a baseline to work with and help it understand your brand’s current tone of voice.

To prompt ChatGPT to analyze your copy, try:

“How would you describe the tone in this copy: [text dump of web copy, social media, posts, etc.]

If you want a deeper analysis try:

“Analyze my brand’s existing copy and provide me with a report that highlights the common themes and tone of our content: [text dump of web copy, social media, posts, etc.]”

Step 2: Refine your tone

Ready to jazz things up?

Below is a list of tone ideas to get you started or you can prompt ChatGPT:

“Which tone is the best fit for my brand that stands for [insert list of values] that wants to appeal to [insert list of audiences].”

Tones for copywriting

Additionally, you can prompt ChatGPT to rewrite the copy provided for analysis in different tones to see which one clicks with your brand’s values and personality:

“Rewrite this copy to be [insert tone descriptors/adjectives].”

Step 3: Refine the chosen tone

Now that you’ve picked a tone, it’s time to polish it up to perfection. ChatGPT can generate copy in your chosen tone, and you can provide feedback to keep tweaking until you get the prompt just right. Fine-tuning how to describe your brand’s voice is helpful whether you’re guiding humans or bots to write copy.

To prompt ChatGPT to refine the tone, try:

“Update the copy to be more [insert descriptor/adjective] and less [insert descriptor/adjective].”

Step 4: Create a ChatGPT prompt for your brand’s voice

The final step is to create a prompt that captures your brand’s unique voice and style for inclusion in brand guidelines or project briefs and can be inputted into ChatGPT or another AI platform to generate or edit copy.

We recommend a statement like this:

“Complete all writing in the following style: [insert adjectives/descriptor to achieve desired tone].”

It’s worth noting that the above prompt works in one ChatGPT chat, once you start a new chat, you’ll have to insert the prompt again.