12 years' experience
PR-it member since 2021


Mary, MD - Medical Writing & Communications

Mary has extensive medical knowledge and a passion for promoting accurate health information. With years under her belt as a clinical doctor and an effective communicator, she is highly skilled at presenting health information concisely and accurately.

After graduating from University College Cork, Ireland, with a medical degree, Mary spent years in clinical practice. As part of her medical training, she rotated through general (internal) medicine (including dermatology), neurology, cardiology, oncology and surgery. With this wide range of medical knowledge, she transitioned seamlessly into medical writing, covering the above topics, and gaining additional experience in haematology, obstetrics, mental health and renal medicine.

Mary has supported a wide range of clients, including CROs, medical education platforms and animators. Her writing talent and style is diverse, from creating engaging blogs and producing easy-to-understand scripts for scientific animators to writing manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals.

Mary is also an award-winning medical tutor with the Global Medical Education Collaborative, an organisation that provides education to medical students in developing nations.


12 years' experience
PR-it member since 2021


  • Freelance medical writing for Life Science Animation
  • Freelance medical writing for SEI Healthcare_How I Treat MD Logo
  • Freelance medical writing for Radyus Research
  • Freelance medical writing for ACE Oncology


  • Freelance medical writing for New Zealand Medical Journal
  • Freelance medical writing for ANZAN Conference
  • Freelance medical writing for The Association of British Neurologists