14 years' experience
PR-it member since 2018


Alexandra - PR & Communications

Alexandra has specialised in ethical healthcare communications for over 13 years, honing her skills and learning her trade in multiple global-networked public relations agencies. Alexandra’s extensive experience ensures that she tackles communication challenges with a solution-oriented approach and an inquisitive eye.

She is a well-rounded communications professional, having provided counsel to international pharmaceutical and device clients, as well as small ‘two-product’ companies. Alexandra has worked across many therapy areas; from well-known chronic conditions to small rare (and ultra-rare) diseases.

Alexandra specialises in disease awareness campaigns, strategic product launches, internal communications and UK media relations. She is dedicated to raising the profile of her clients, by helping them build their social media presence, deliver timely and relevant content, and harness feature opportunities in trade and medical press. Most recently, she has developed filmed and written content for senior executives across LinkedIn.

Throughout her career, Alexandra has been responsible for managing and implementing measurement techniques across client programmes, to track progress of communication activities and determine if strategies need to be refined. She has supported clients such as Novo Nordisk and Novartis by reporting on monthly, quarterly, end of year and milestone-specific announcements, provided affiliate teams with tools to track local activities against business objectives and helped clients understand behavioural change models across disease awareness campaigns. Alexandra was responsible for training colleagues on the value of measurement and instilling a results-driven mindset across agency teams.


14 years' experience
PR-it member since 2018


  • Healthcare communications for biotech bluebird bio
  • Healthcare PR for pharmaceutical company Astellas
  • Ferring Pharmaceuticals
  • Healthcare public relations and healthcare communications for pharmaceutical company Janssen
  • Healthcare Communciations and video production services for pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk


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