Case Study: Integrated communications campaign attracted 140 accredited investors

Starton Therapeutics, a US-based biotech transforming standard of care cancer therapies with proprietary dermal technology, asked PR-it to amplify its episode on reality investing TV show, Unicorn Hunters, to attract/convert prospective accredited investors to fund phase 1 and 2 studies for its clinical programs.


We began by helping Starton to develop messaging. However, at PR-it we don’t just develop a laundry list of key messages, we craft a ‘core story.’  This three-part heavily referenced narrative is written in a modular way to ensure message and reference continuity across all external communications. For Starton, the core story explained the unmet clinical need, why Starton is the solution to that need and why people should invest in Starton. Armed with Starton’s core story, we then implemented an integrated communications campaign including:

  • Designing, copywriting and coding an investor section into Starton’s existing WordPress website with an integration into Unicorn Hunter’s episode page for Starton and Dealmaker for a seamless investing experience.
  • Guiding key executives to update their Linkedin profiles.
  • Conducting US and UK/pan-Europe media outreach.
  • Developing a social content marketing strategy with editorial calendar and execution including writing posts, preparing graphics, initiating Starton’s Twitter handle, developing audience templates for Linkedin ads, running paid Linkedin campaigns and reporting metrics.
  • Production of two videos (see one below) and Linkedin carousel.
  • Brokering introductions with key patient advocacy groups.
  • Liaising with Unicorn Hunters on Starton’s behalf to review the press release and landing page for Starton’s episode and aligning content marketing efforts.
Behind the scenes in Starton Therapeutics' lab during Unicorn Hunters roll shoot; Healthcare communications and healthcare public relations for Starton Therapeutics


Starton’s episode on Unicorn Hunters (streamed on 7 June) received over 415,000 views on YouTube and Starton’s website traffic saw a significant uptick with 4,500 visitors and 1,720 investor portal views between May and July.

Posts on Linkedin during the three-month campaign received ~594,000 views and the videos we developed for Starton to post on Linkedin received over 200,000 views during the six weeks they were marketed.

11 original articles were published across the US and UK with a potential reach of over 128 million including: FierceBiotech, Pharmaphorum, In Vivo, Drug Discovery WorldEuropean Pharmaceutical Manufacturer and Healthline. The original articles contained over 30 quotes from Pedro Lichtinger, Starton’s CEO and over 40 key messages from the core story.

When PR-it reported campaign metrics (before the funding round closed), the exposure Starton received helped attract 140 accredited investors to the deal.