Case Study: Product launch PR campaign led to a treatment’s prescription quota for the month, being met in a week

A large dermatology company, asked PR-it to handle the US launch of a new prescription treatment to raise awareness amongst dermatologists and potential patients of this exciting new treatment option. Seems straightforward, right? Well, we only had three months to plan and execute the product launch PR campaign!


PR-it developed a suite of core media materials including an explainer animation, 3D product video, infographic fact sheet and graphics of patient results from the treatment’s clinical trials.

The materials were packaged into a multimedia release and distributed over PR Newswire. However, instead of waiting until the day of the product’s availability to announce the launch, the press release was distributed approximately a week earlier at the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) annual meeting to build buzz amongst dermatologists. PR-it then built on the momentum generated by the medical media to earn coverage in top tier lifestyle/beauty outlets and secure a second round of medical media coverage.

Product Launch PR campaign for a large dermatology company at AAD 2022


By offering onsite interviews with the treatment’s principal investigator, PR-it was able to earn six pieces of high-quality media coverage in dermatology and medical trades at AAD, reaching a potential 2.5 million readers prior to the product’s official launch date. This approach led to social media activity and the treatment dominating online share of voice versus its competitors in both coverage volume and potential reach.

PR-it also earned a glowing product feature in Allure which published the day the treatment became available, reaching 9.2 million consumers. During the treatment’s launch month, PR-it earned a dozen more medical and consumer stories topping up the earned media campaign’s potential reach to over 17 million.

Post-launch, PR-it earned the treatment a prime spot in a front of book Women’s Health feature story and coveted spots in listicle features in consumer lifestyle media including Cosmopolitan, Oprah Daily and Marie Claire. PR-it went on to book 11 interviews with beauty directors and journalists across top-tier media outlets ensuring maximum editorial awareness for inclusion in future stories. Lastly, PR-it earned the product a Cosmopolitan Holy Grail Award, an accolade that can be used across the treatment’s promotional materials for a year.

PR-it Image_Dermatology Company_Product Launch PR Media Results