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Case Study: bluebird bio media surveillance

bluebird bio, a gene therapy-focused biotech, asked PR-it to deliver a daily media surveillance report to the European management team. The report tracked gene therapy topics, competitors and patient advocacy organisations across the region and within 12 countries of interest.


Our team developed a robust research and reporting methodology based on Boolean search strings in 13 languages to generate a real-time, highly refined data set from Talkwalker. Talkwalker is an AI-driven analytics platform with access to media coverage from over 150 million sources (print, online news, broadcast, forums, etc.) and 20 social media channels in 187 languages across 196 countries.

Once bluebird bio approved the methodology, we configured Talkwalker to deliver in-language print and digital media coverage across 12 European countries and social media updates from key patient advocacy organisations (PAGs) every 24 hours. We also developed a reporting template and standard operating procedure (SOP) for the project to ensure the report was delivered consistently by all project team members.

The raw data was analysed manually (using Google Chrome to automatically translate in-language coverage into English) and grouped by themes (bluebird coverage, competitors/ATMP companies, industry coverage and PAG social media updates) and then in alpha-order by ISO country code. Coverage related to each major news item was grouped together with hyperlinks and included a summary of the coverage and relevant context in English.

Healthcare public relations freelancer working on bluebird media surveillance


We generated daily media surveillance reports for 12 months including managing the distribution list and research requests from the broader bluebird bio team. Since we developed a flexible methodology, we were able to add/subtract competitors and topics with ease.

The project was discontinued when bluebird bio withdrew from Europe to focus on the US market.


bbb media surveillance daily report screenshot