Case Study: Bespoke accessible WordPress website design/build with custom 3D medical animation in 18 weeks

Axovia Therapeutics, a gene therapy start-up dedicated to treating diseases caused by cilia dysfunction, asked PR-it to design and develop a website to reflect its mission and connect with it's core stakeholder groups. The goal of the website was to create a highly dynamic user experience while being accessible to its patient community, of which many struggle with visual impairment.


After meeting with Axovia’s incredibly interesting co-founders, PR-it began piecing together a mood board of examples to help gain consensus on a visual direction. In parallel, we also developed user journeys for each key stakeholder group with associated content maps to inform the sitemap. We are untraditional in our approach in that we skip the wire-framing stage, preferring to bring our ideas to life by designing core concepts with multiple variations.

By producing a bespoke 3D medical animation, we were able to bring Axovia’s science to life on the homepage with immense impact and visual interest. Additionally, by combining genetic-themed stock imagery with custom graphics and existing photographic assets, we were able to reinforce the brand’s identity of being “science-led, but people-focused,” by redesigning the brand’s visual language without changing the logo itself.

One of the challenges with highly dynamic websites, is that they generally aren’t accessible, especially for people who are visually impaired. Vision loss is one the most common symptoms of Bardet Biedl Syndrome (BBS), which Axovia’s lead candidate aims to treat. To ensure the website could be beautiful while being accessible to the patient community Axovia serves, we created a toggle that could flip users to a simplified, high-contrast version of the site that can be accessed using a tab key.

Every step of the design and development process was tracked in real-time on a Trello board shared between the PR-it and Axovia teams.

3D medical animation for Axovia Therapeutics of AAV


A visually interesting and dynamic website with comprehensive accessibility features to help Axovia connect with each of its core stakeholder groups.