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Case Study: Axovia Therapeutics BBS Awareness Day Campaign

Axovia Therapeutics, a gene therapy start-up dedicated to treating diseases caused by cilia dysfunction, asked PR-it to develop a social media campaign to amplify its patient advocacy initiative around Bardet Biedl Syndrome (BBS) Awareness day. The goal of the campaign was to reinforce Axovia’s support for this small patient community and generate greater awareness amongst the larger rare disease community about the diagnostic and treatment challenges with BBS.


PR-it reviewed interviews Axovia captured through the VideoAsk platform from nine people from the US and Europe with BBS, parents of young children with BBS and physician experts, to produce a cost-effective, but polished three-part video series to raise awareness about the condition.

  • Part I: What is Bardet-Biedl Syndrome? [BBS disease burden from people living with the condition]
  • Part II: What’s rarer than a rare disease? [Why BBS grassroots patient advocacy organisations should be supported]
  • Part III: Why does early diagnosis matter in Bardet-Biedl Syndrome?

Discussion of challenges and benefits of early BBS diagnosis

The videos were pulsed out organically in combination with quote graphics and  additional assets from Axovia on the company’s LinkedIn and Twitter handles over four weeks. LinkedIn paid advertising was used to increase the videos’ reach within the rare disease patient advocacy community and amongst relevant US and UK healthcare professionals.

Axovia Therapeutics BBS Awareness Day_LinkedIn ScreenShot


The results for the 13-post campaign were impressive considering Axovia’s small social following and £2,000 LinkedIn advertising investment:

LinkedIn organic post metrics [9 posts]:

5,977 impressions (number of people who saw the post); 769 video views; 587 engagements (reactions, shares, clicks); 38% average engagement rate (keep in mind that 2% is considered good!); and 75% average click through rate (the number of clicks divided by impressions – for organic posts, the average click through rate is 2.83%, so the campaign exceeded the average).

LinkedIn paid post metrics [4 posts]

209,623 impressions; 31,954 video views; 1,200 clicks; 6% average video view rate with 2.28% completion rate; and 31% average click through rate (for sponsored videos, the average click through rate on LinkedIn is 0.44% to 0.65%, so the campaign exceeded the average).