In our quest to create the perfect project plan, we’ve had our fair share of frustrations with Gantt chart templates and software which is why we now use Trello. However, if you just gotta have that Gantt chart, check out our easy-to-use, one screen Gantt chart excel template here: Best Gantt chart excel template

PR-it Gantt chart excel template

6 formatting tips for our Gantt chart excel template

  1. You can delete our logo and add your own.
  2. Task names automatically populate on the y-axis of Gantt chart.
  3. Not keen on keeping our brand colours? You can fill the Sprint/Milestone with whatever colour you want by selecting all of the cells you want to recolour and choosing a new fill colour. If you want to get a specific brand colour, click the eyedropper and then hover it over the desired colour in another document to capture it. With the Gantt chart bars, you can only change the fill colour by selecting the individual bar > selecting Format from the menu ribbon > choosing the desired Shape Fill colour.
  4. You can track the progress of each task under Status in a percentage. However, if you put a task’s status as Complete, the entire row will turn light grey due to a conditional formatting rule. The rule will not change the colour of the Gantt chart bar, so if you want that grey too, you’ll have to do that manually. If a task’s status is labelled Overdue, it will turn the row red (except for the Sprint/Milestone cell).
  5. It’s easy to delete rows, but what happens when you want to add more? Just insert a row like you normally would and then copy and paste the row above or below from column B to column K. This way you’ll have all the formatting and formulas.
  6. Once you start changing the start date and due date, the Gantt chart bars may disappear or look wonky. Don’t panic. You haven’t done anything wrong, you just need to adjust the graph parameters:
  • Click the first start date cell (F4). It’s currently formatted as Date.
  • Click the dropdown menu on the ribbon under Home so General is selected instead.
  • The date in your cell will change to a number that looks something like this 44393
  • Copy the number (not the cell) and right click on the text box containing the dates at the top Gantt chart and select Format Axis.
  • Paste the number into the Minimum Close out of the axis menu.
  • Click the first start date cell again (F4). Change it back to date formatting by selecting Short Date from the dropdown menu. The Gantt chart should adjust. If not, repeat the above steps for the last due date to adjust the axis Maximum.

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