Introducing ChatGPT – the content genie at your fingertips. Need a first draft? Consider it done. Rather than wasting budget on copywriting, let ChatGPT do the heavy lifting so you can focus on strategy, creative and execution to generate results. Sure, first drafts will need a little elbow grease to perfect the final result, but hey – that’s a small price to pay for the time and budget saved.

If you’re struggling to unlock the full potential of ChatGPT, we’ve got you covered. Check out these six savvy prompts to develop public relations and marketing content for healthcare, pharma, and biotech product launches.


1) Messaging prompt

Craft a 50-word message that communicates the value proposition of our latest product launch, [insert product name] for [insert indication or use] and is unique because [insert list of key benefits].Tailor the message to speak to [insert audience] in [insert adjective] tone.


2) Press release prompt

Write a press release announcing [insert regulatory milestone for insert product] to treat [insert condition]. Include the unmet need for [insert disease or health challenge] and include the following information: [insert text dump of data, stats, messaging, etc].


3) Social media post prompt

Generate 10 posts for [insert social media platform] in a professional, but engaging tone about people who suffer from [insert disease or challenge]. Do not mention product names.


4) Email marketing prompt

Write a 200-word email that promotes our latest product launch to [insert medical specialty or stakeholder group]. The email should be personalized, informative, and encourage the reader to take action. [insert messaging ChatGPT already wrote or product name, indication/use, key benefits, fair balance, offers, etc.]


5) Internal communications prompt

Write a 500-word intranet post to get our employees excited about our upcoming [insert regulatory approval or launch] of [insert product] for [insert indication or use]. Include these key points [insert text] or adapt the customer email you (ChatGPT) wrote for this purpose.


6) Creative campaign ideas prompt

Generate 5 creative campaign ideas that will help us increase brand awareness about [insert product or disease] amongst [insert target audiences]. [Insert 3+ market research insights, industry trends, etc.]


Yes, it’s really as easy as copying and pasting the prompts into ChatGPT’s chat window and filling in the placeholders in brackets.