Did you know ChatGPT saves us 20+ hours per PR campaign?

Here’s 5 prompts so you can save time too:

1) Develop a PR strategy:

“Acting as a public relations expert, write a three-pronged PR strategy based on this forcefield analysis [insert current situation, barriers, catalysts and ideal situation]. Include three tactics under each strategy.”

Here’s how to create a forcefield analysis:

  1. Capture where you are (current situation).
  2. Capture where you want to be (ideal situation).
  3. List known/potential barriers.
  4. List upcoming catalysts.

ChatGPT isn’t going to spit out something ready to plan against, but it will provide an epic foundation to build upon.


2) Draft messaging:

“Write three key messages about [insert product/milestone] that would appeal to [insert audience] in a [insert adjective] tone. Message one should articulate the problem/unmet need, message two should explain the [insert product/milestone] as the solution and message three should be focused on the result. Include three supporting points under each message.  Here’s context: [insert brain dump of text, stats, etc].”


3) Draft a press release:

“Acting as a public relations expert, write a press release announcing [insert milestone] based on this messaging [insert messaging ChatGPT previously created] and include an aspirational quote by [insert spokesperson type]”


4) Write a Q&A document:

Prompt 1: “Acting as an investigative journalist, write 10 challenging questions about [insert company milestone]. Here’s the press release for context: [paste text of press release].”

Prompt 2: “Acting as a public relations expert, write succinct answers in a [insert adjective] tone to these 10 questions [insert questions from first prompt] based on this messaging: [insert messaging].”


5) Prepare a spokesperson for a media interview:

“Acting as [insert journalist name] from [insert media outlet], interview me about [insert company and milestone or topic] by asking 20 questions from easy to challenging.”


ChatGPT is NOT going to yield perfect first drafts – they will need polishing and referencing. Think of ChatGPT as a brilliant intern 🤩