“PR-it did an epic job of launching a new prescription product even though there was less than three months to plan and execute the campaign. They earned a slew of medical and consumer media coverage which led to the product’s prescription quota for the month, being met in a week! Post-launch they ran a creative influencer marketing campaign with outstanding ROI. The value, creativity, genuine interest in the brand, along with incredible customer service equals a team that I could not recommend more highly — PR-it is amazing.”

Randy Evans

former Senior Product Manager | Large Dermatology Company

"After having worked with several website designers over the years I can safely say PR-it deliver! They are very easy to work with and got our brief first time. The PR-it creative team is very impressive providing a number of exciting design options for our company website. They are also extremely responsive and worked to original timelines. The result was an innovative and stylish website with a pleasant engaging experience throughout the process. Would we use them again? Hell yes!"

Philip Beales, MD, FRCP, FMedSci

Co-founder & CEO | Axovia Therapeutics

"The team at PR-it are experts in their craft. Not only do they “get it,” their primary focus is whatever is in their clients best interest. From the beginning, PR-it engaged with us as if we were their #1 priority. The opportunities and exposure we’ve received has been tremendous. PR-it’s responsiveness was prompt, communication was thorough, and deliveries were executed flawlessly."

Shannon Wisniewski

Director of Program Management, Oncology | Starton Therapeutics

“One of the best aspects of working with PR-it is the flexible and adaptive nature of the relationship. The team is responsive, turns around high-quality deliverables quickly, and works well with stakeholders across geographies and hierarchies."

Åsa Josefsson

Head of Corporate Communications, Europe | bluebird bio


Services for Healthcare Companies & Brands


PR-it looks like an agency and feels like an agency, but we don’t rely on the tired agency model. This means you get premium results without the premium price tag.

We help companies and brands in the healthcare sector reach their goals through strategic public relations, medical communications, and marketing magic. Whether you’re looking for a healthcare PR firm or a medical communications agency to support your company’s ambitions for global domination or help a fledgling brand take off, you’ve come to the right place.

Using our proprietary web app, we curate virtual dream teams from our collective of 39 seasoned, independent PR, medical communications and creative experts. The result? High-quality, flat-fee project work, impactful campaigns, and clients that can’t stop raving about us.

Project-Based Freelance Services for Agencies


If you’re an agency feeling the heat, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered too. Our white-labeled work will help with capacity challenges or skill gaps and keep your clients smiling. Preserve your team’s mental health by offloading public relations and healthcare communications projects to us.

Whether you need help with ideation, content development or research — our skilled team has the expertise and creative flair to get the job done. And we’re not just here to take on the overflow work — we can also provide strategy to reach key audiences, analytics, and new business pitch support.


Six reasons why our clients love working with us:

  • On-demand services, no termed contract required
  • Client-first ethos
  • Exclusive network of seasoned experts
  • Hand-picked talent and curated dream teams
  • Work quality commitment
  • Flat fee data-driven pricing

At PR-it, we believe in clarity and alignment. That’s why we charge flat fees that incentivize our experts to deliver efficient, high-quality work while ensuring our clients never have to worry about budget overages. With no junior staff learning the ropes, you can trust that your project will be handled by seasoned professionals without breaking the bank.

PR-it also embraces tech to work faster, better and greener. We’re a sustainability superhero, with a completely virtual business model that leverages technology to eliminate office space, commutes, and in-person meetings. We also partner with technology companies committed to ESG to reduce our carbon footprint even further.


At PR-it, we take talent matching seriously. We carefully screen our collective members using 10 key criteria in our proprietary web app. This enables us to curate virtual dream teams that are perfectly matched to each client’s unique needs, ensuring that we always deliver top-notch results whether we’re handling a product launch for a pharmaceutical company, corporate communications for a biotech or education for healthcare providers.

You might be wondering how we manage to maintain ongoing access to such high-caliber talent without being a traditional healthcare communications agency or healthcare PR firm. Well, the answer is simple: our independent experts love working with us because we offer them a higher level of lifestyle flexibility and project diversity. As a resource pool, we’re able to staff medical communications and public relations programs on-demand with outstanding experts and adjust to changing timelines and scopes.

Sound ideal? Yes, we thought so too!

Our focus on quality, flexibility, and exceptional results has made us a trusted partner all over the world for healthcare companies/brands and the agencies who serve them.


Our collective of intellectually curious and passionate healthcare industry experts are itching to team up with the following types of organizations and the healthcare PR agencies, medical communications agencies and marketing consultancies that serve them. It doesn’t matter if you’re a global leader or a start-up based in New York, San Francisco, London or Timbuktu. Let’s join forces and make magic happen!

  • Biotechnology
  • Charities
  • Diagnostics
  • Government Organizations
  • Healthcare (consumer too!)
  • Health tech
  • Industrial sciences
  • Life sciences
  • Medical devices
  • Pharmaceuticals


As a one-stop-shop for strategic brilliance and flawless execution, we make the journey from concept to execution feel like you’re cruising on autopilot. Here’s a sample of companies we’ve worked for directly or on behalf of healthcare PR agencies:

  • Astellas
  • Freelance healthcare communications for AstaZeneca
  • Healthcare communications for Axovia Therapeutics
  • Bluebird Bio
  • Healthcare communications for Coopervision
  • Freelance medical writing for pharmaceutical companyCSL Behring
  • Healthcare public relations and healthcare communications for pharmaceutical company Janssen
  • Healthcare communications for pharmaceutical company Novartis
  • Healthcare Communciations and video production services for pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk
  • Occam
  • Healthcare communications for pharmaceutical company Pfizer
  • Healthcare communications for Starton Therapeutics


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