We’re a virtual healthcare PR firm and medical communications agency

We help biotech, pharma and healthcare companies (and brands) reach their goals through strategic public relations, healthcare communications and marketing magic.

Reel showcasing PR-it video work

PR-it looks like a healthcare agency and feels like a healthcare agency, but we don't rely on the tired agency model.


This means you get premium results without the premium price tag. Using our proprietary web app, we curate virtual dream teams from our collective of 37 seasoned, independent healthcare public relations, medcomms and creative experts. The result? High-quality, flat-fee project work, impactful campaigns, and clients that can’t stop raving about us.


healthcare pharma biotech life sciences health tech medical device
We help
companies and brands

reach their business goals through strategic healthcare PR, medical communications and content marketing magic

As a one-stop-shop for strategic brilliance and flawless execution for the healthcare sector, we make the journey from concept to execution feel like you're cruising on autopilot.



Healthcare PR
  • Media surveillance: key healthcare industry topics, competitors, patient advocates, healthcare reform changes, market access insights, health outcomes and health systems updates
  • Social listening to monitor online conversations
  • Messaging audit/analyses
  • Media audit / media coverage analyses
  • Communications SWOTs
  • Public relations-focused competitive analyses
  • Share of voice (SoV) analyses
Medical Communications
  • Competitive landscape analyses
  • Competitive intelligence gathering
  • Reporting from scientific congresses
  • Advisory boards of healthcare providers


Healthcare PR
  • Message houses
  • Core stories
Medical Communications
  • Scientific platforms
  • Core arguments
  • Objection handlers

Campaign Strategy & Execution

Healthcare PR
  • Market preparation
  • Disease awareness
  • Data communications
  • Launches (company, product or service)
  • Corporate communications
  • Product / brand marketing communications
  • Influencer marketing
  • Patient advocacy
  • Thought leadership
  • Content marketing
  • Editorial integrations
  • Internal communications
Medical Communications
  • Strategic data interpretation
  • Publication planning
  • Scientific communications
  • Peer-to-peer influencing
  • Patient education
  • Editorial / peer-to-peer platform integrations

Content & Marketing

Healthcare PR
  • Market preparation
  • Disease awareness
  • Data communications
  • Launches (company, product or service)
  • Corporate communications
  • Product / brand marketing communications
  • Influencer marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Social media management
  • Patient advocacy
  • Thought leadership
  • Content marketing
  • Editorial integrations
  • Internal communications
Medical Communications
  • Strategic data interpretation
  • Publication planning
  • Peer-to-peer influencing
  • Patient education
  • Editorial / peer-to-peer platform integrations

Medical Education

  • Continuing medical education (CME) / non-CME for healthcare professionals
  • Satellite symposia presentations / brochures
  • 3D Mechanism of disease (MoD) and mechanism of action (MoA) videos
  • Preceptorship documents
  • Training materials for medical science liaisons (MSLs) and affiliates
  • Materials for patients

Issues Preparation / Management

  • Horizon scanning
  • Risk assessments
  • Scenario planning
  • Issue management playbooks
  • Holding statements / Q&As
  • Issues management simulations
  • Crisis management
  • Issues monitoring / surveillance


  • On-demand services,
    no termed contact required
  • Hand-picked talent and
    curated dream teams
  • Exclusive network of
    seasoned experts
  • Work quality commitment
  • Client-first ethos
  • Flat fee data-driven pricing

At PR-it, we believe in clarity and alignment.

That’s why we charge flat fees to healthcare industry clients, healthcare PR agencies and medical communications agencies. This approach incentivizes our collective members to deliver high-quality work, efficiently while protecting clients against budget overages. With no junior staff learning the ropes, you can trust that your project will be handled by seasoned professionals without breaking the bank.


PR-it did an epic job of launching a new prescription product even though there was less than three months toplan and execute the campaign. They earned a slew of medical and consumer media coverage which led to the product's prescription quota for the month, being met in a week!

Randy Evans

Former Senior Product Manager Large Dermatology Company

After having worked with several website designers over the years I can safely say PR-it deliver! They are very easy to work with and got our brief first time. Would we use them again? Hell yes!

Philip Beales, MD, FRCP, FMedSci

Co-founder & CEO Axovia Therapeutics

The team at PR-it are experts in their craft. From the beginning, PR-it engaged with us as if we were their #1 priority. The opportunities and exposure we’ve received has been tremendous. PR-it’s responsiveness was prompt, communication was thorough, and deliveries were executed flawlessly.

Shannon Wisniewski

Director of Program Management, Oncology Starton Therapeutics

One of the best aspects of working with PR-it is the flexible and adaptive nature of the relationship. The team is responsive, turns around high-quality deliverables quickly, and works well with stakeholders across geographies and hierarchies.

Åsa Josefsson

Head of Corporate Communications, Europe bluebird bio



You can also request our capabilities deck, where we outline our healthcare PR agency services, including healthcare marketing and medcomms. And of course, if there’s a healthcare public relations agency RFP, let us know!



Give us a click

Whether you’re a fledging brand, global leader or healthcare PR agency, provide a short description of your communications project/need. We’ll send a briefing form or schedule a briefing call.


Get an estimate swiftly

We’ll provide an estimate or a proposal outlining our expertise and approach to your project (depending on size/complexity), including a flat fee determined by our proprietary 12-factor pricing model.


Engage Us

Like the estimate/proposal? Sign our estimate and plain language terms (or for larger relationships, we can sign your MSA). A virtual dream team will then be curated from PR-it’s collective to deliver your project.

We’re serious about talent curation.


We curate virtual dream teams tailored to each client’s needs using our proprietary web app. It ensures the perfect fit for expertise, industry experience, and that elusive chemistry. But how do we attract top healthcare experts around the world without being a traditional healthcare PR firm, PR agency or medical communications agency?

Simple! Our collective members love us for our lifestyle flexibility and diverse projects. We swiftly staff projects and programs with outstanding experts and adapt to changing timelines and scopes.

Sounds perfect? We think so too!

Our focus on quality, flexibility, and exceptional results has made us a trusted partner worldwide for companies/brands as well as the healthcare PR agencies and medical communications agencies that serve them.

PR-it embraces tech to work faster, better and greener.


We’re a sustainability superhero, with a completely virtual business model that leverages technology to eliminate office space, commutes, and in-person meetings. We also partner with technology providers committed to ESG to reduce our carbon footprint even further.


For PR and communications insights and tips, Learn-it on our blog.

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